Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Move over, Adriano Zumbo!

...Just kidding! BUT! Adam Liaw from Masterchef tried out my macarons and said he loved them!! I am over the moon.
" Adam Liaw: 
Thanks @ for the A+ macarons at my book signing today. The chocolate one was just about the PERFECT texture."

I have to admit that ever since I went to Sydney to try Adriano Zumbo's famed and delicious macarons, I have become slightly (ok, VERY) obsessed with these sweet delights and have been wanting to learn the art of making macarons. What gave me a further drive was visiting La Belle Miette in Melbourne and appreciating some of the ones they made. The shop has only been open for a few months and is already building a pretty good reputation among fellow foodie bloggers. The lady shop owner also claimed their macarons were 'the best in Australia, even better than Zumbo's!'. That, I would disagree. There's just something about Adriano Zumbo's macarons that make those tiny little gems stand out from the rest! But then again, it all boils down to personal preference :-) .Time for show and tell!

Adriano Zumbo - Patissier

Macarons! (L to R) Salted butter caramel, wasabi and pickled ginger, raspberry,maple syrup and pancake, salted butter caramel (again), pineapple and lime.
Adriano Zumbo Patisserie on Urbanspoon

La Belle Miette

(L to R) Pink grapefruit, macadamia and ginger, dark chocolate, salted caramel, olive oil, rose.
La Belle Miette on Urbanspoon

And attempts at making macarons as delicious as Adriano Zumbo and La Belle Miette... Ta daa!

Chocolate and pistachio

Lemon Tea!

The lemon tea macarons were a surprising hit with my friends and family. The macaron shell had a fragrant tea flavour with a tangy lemon cream wedged in between. Refreshing just like a cup of lemon tea :-)

Now that I'm on a roll making macarons I would love to make them in other yummy flavours! I don't suppose you guys, my readers, have any suggestions for flavours? If so, I would love to hear from you!

OMGGIMMENOW Queensland restaurants

(Thanks to honeyhype for helping with my photos) 


  1. I completed a workshop with Adriano last year and he demonstrated a raspberry shortcake macaron. It was amazing! Think two macaron shells sandwiching a sable and drop of raspberry jam. Divine!

  2. OMG! How did you manage to go to his workshop? Does he hold them often? I would really love to go!~ Goodness, raspberry shortcake sounds delicious.

    On a side note, I went to Masterchef Adam Liaw's Book signing today and gave him my macarons to try! He loved them :-)

  3. we do macaroon, we do roon rooon