Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MOS Burger, Sunnybank, QLD

MOS Burger has finally opened in Brisbane! It is the first MOS Burger store in Australia, which I thought was pretty amazing, considering most exciting store openings/first stores would trial the market in Sydney or Melbourne. I don’t think there’s ever a ‘good’ time to go to MOS Burger – every time I walk past it is always packed, with a ridiculously long line! But I finally took the plunge and lined up for my share of MOS Burgers – what exactly is the big fuss all about?!
Look at that line!!

We ordered five burgers to share between us. Mr. E ordered two, as the burgers were pretty small compared to McDonalds.

Pork Ginger MOS Rice Burger – I guess these are probably the most unique burgers that MOS has to offer. A rice burger made from ginger pork wedged between two rice ‘buns’. Pork was marinated nicely and packed with flavor. A friend of mine has tried this in Hong Kong, and apparently the rice buns are slightly browned to give a crunchy layer on the outside. This one was simply a soft rice bun but it was something different though, so still good. 
Pork Ginger MOS Rice Burger

Mr. E ordered this wagyu beef cheese burger with cheese. To be honest, I don’t think it tasted much like ‘wagyu’ but it was certainly very juicy and he seemed to enjoy it a lot. They are certainly generous with their veggies though. It was packed with caramelized onions, several slices of fresh tomato and lettuce. It would have been nicer if the cheese was actually melted, I think.
Wagyu Beef Cheese Burger

Wagyu beef burger. Not much different to the wagyu beef cheese burger above. It was still very juicy and quickly devoured by Mr. E.
Wagyu Beef Burger

We also ordered the Fish Burger. It looked almost the same as McDonalds’ Fillet o’fish, except this one had a tastier tartare sauce (and plenty of it!).
Fish Burger

I really wanted to try the seafood kakiage rice burger, but it’s currently unavailable, so I ordered the last non-beef option on the menu, which was the teriyaki chicken burger. This was actually done quite well, as the chicken was tender and flavoursome. The only thing I didn’t like about this burger was that it came with the chicken skin, which was still lined with chicken feathers?! :-( I really wasn’t happy about that, but didn’t bother to complain and simply picked the skin off and kept eating. I don’t think I will order this again after that experience…
Teriyaki Chicken Burger
Alright, just so you all don't think I'm exaggerating... Here is the proof... Tell me foodies, is this acceptable?!
A friend of mine recommended the soups. There were minestrone, mushroom soup and corn soup – and we ordered all three :-) My favorite was the corn soup as it was creamy but not over the top, and the corn was really sweet. Good alternative to a soft drink! The mushroom and minestrone soups were acceptable, but nothing to rave about. The chips were a huge let down though, which was a shame.
Top to bottom: Corn soup, Minestrone soup, Mushroom soup

The burgers at MOS Burger are quite tasty and the ingredients that they use are really fresh. Would I line up again for 30 minutes just to grab a quick bite to eat? Probably not. However, if you have the patience and don’t mind waiting, definitely worth checking out.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the experience with us. I really enjoyed all your photos and reading the insights that came along with it. I'm probably a little none fussed with feathers thanks to home grown offerings ... but it is a tad gross inside a burger.

  2. i hate hate chicken skin in a burger.. unless it was deep fried. but that looks gross haha

    a lot of rave about mos burger ..i really want to try it out

  3. @Ann:
    Yes I know, I feel the same way. Maybe I was just unlucky? haha.
    MOS burger is nice for if you want something is different. But I think the novelty is already starting to wear off because there were hardly any people at the store yesterday when I walked past. Probably quieter on weekdays so do check it out then :-)

  4. i will only go for the rice burgers, if it is a normal burger i want, i can always make my own or go to McD!

  5. HEY, how much does one of the rice burgers cost? I had some in China, and they were superb, generally about 25RMB for the whole meal (roughly 4 bucks OZ dollars)