Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pear Cafe Bar, Highgate Hill, QLD

I've been reconnecting with many of my friends and family lately, and what better way to do so than to enjoy each other's company over a delicious meal. 

Last weekend, I caught up with a girl friend for coffee and since we were both starving,  we decided to check out one of my local cafes to see if we could discover any hidden gems in my neighbourhood. The top two cafes that came up were Pear Cafe Bar and Lucky Duck Espresso. We read the reviews for both cafes and decided on the Pear Cafe Bar but agreed that we'll visit Lucky Duck another time.

We were greeted promptly by the waitress and were told that were had to order at the front counter. The menu had a good variety of options, and each dish was described similarly to the dishes I normally have at fine dining restaurants, which was a surprise! Fine dining for breakfast! My eyes lit up when I saw a dish containing pork belly and I was sold! (even though some of the other options were also very enticing!)

For drinks, we ordered their freshly squeezed juice ($5.50) which we were able to mix and match from the fruits and vegetables they had available. I opted for a beetroot, ginger, pineapple and orange juice which was so refreshing and a good detox fix.  

We ordered our drinks and meals at the same time, which was great as we got our food served promptly soon after we had ordered. 

I ordered the Organic poached eggs with potato & feta herb cake, braised pork belly & black pudding ($18). Everything in my dish was a pleasure to eat as the flavours worked very well together. I especially enjoyed the pork belly and the mushroom mash quenelle placed on top of the pork.   My friend ordered the Breakfast Stack (pork sausage , rosti, mushroom, roma tomatoes, egg, chutney) ($16), which a side of bacon and haloumi ($4 per side). Judging by the speed at which she polished her meal off, she definitely enjoyed it alot, haha!

Organic poached eggs with potato & feta herb cake, braised pork belly & black pudding ($18)

Breakfast Stack (pork sausage , rosti, mushroom, roma tomatoes, egg, chutney) ($16)

Sides - thick cut bacon and haloumi ($4 per side)

We really enjoyed our experience at the Pear Cafe - staff were friendly, food was of a high quality and great value for money. We will definitely be back again soon to try their weekly specials! 

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